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product spectrum

Scleral Lens Debuts

X-Cel Contacts recently announced the addition of the Atlantis Scleral lens to its toolbox of irregular cornea designs. The company says that Atlantis is a scleral lens design that performs well on any patient who has an irregular cornea, including keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, corneal transplants, post-refractive surgery, and post-corneal rings as well for patients who have ocular surface disease. The Atlantis proprietary lens design was developed to provide a problem-solving solution along with a simplified fitting system with the 1-2-3 fit strategy, according to the company. X-Cel says that the unique peripheral curve calculation will allow central clearance while providing good distribution of pressure in the landing area, adequate edge lift, and overall superior comfort. The design consists of three proprietary zones that can be manipulated independently to produce one of the widest ranges of lens sagittal depths available, according to the company.

Parameters of the Atlantis scleral lens include base curves of 6.50mm to 9.00mm in a 15.0mm diameter, 7.03mm to 9.00mm in a 16mm diameter, and 7.18mm to 9.00mm in a 16.5mm diameter in powers of +20.00D to −20.00D in 0.25D steps. Atlantis lenses are manufactured in Boston XO and Boston XO2 (both Bausch + Lomb), and all are plasma treated.

The Atlantis fitting set includes a fitting guide, patient application and removal take home card, small and large DMV suction cups, lap towels, and unpreserved single-use saline packs. For additional information, contact an X-Cel consultant at (800) 241-9312 or

One-Week Lens Enters Market

Hydrogel Vision Corporation (HVC) has expanded its product line with a new lens and a new modality: Icuity H2O—one-week replacement. It’s a new option for patients who would benefit from more frequent lens replacement, but don’t want to incur the cost of a daily disposable lens, according to the company.



HVC says that Icuity H2O will allow patients to replace their lenses weekly for about the same price they’re now paying for two-week replacement and one-half the price of one-day lenses. The company also says that weekly replacement helps with compliance: two-week is harder for patients to remember, and one-month allows more time for deposits to accumulate on the lens surface. With one-week replacement the lenses are cleaner, and it’s easy to remember when to replace them—start a new week, start a new lens, according to HVC.

Icuity H2O is manufactured in hioxifilcon A material. Parameters include a Median and Steep base curve: Median +6.00D to −10.00D and Steep −0.25D to −10.00D. Free diagnostic sets of Icuity H2O are available directly through Hydrogel Vision and through any of the company’s authorized distributors. Call (877) 336-2482 or visit

New Scleral Option for Presbyopes

Advanced Vision Technologies (AVT) now offers the AVT Scleral Multifocal featuring a back-aspheric, distance-center, Tangent Carrier design. The AVT Scleral was the first design incorporating adjustable tangent carrier angles to raise or lower the landing angle of the lens, improving the alignment fitting relationship on the sclera, according to the company.

The AVT Scleral utilizes a simplified 18 Lens Fitting System featuring a series of sagittal values utilizing a combination of three central base curves, three tangent angle carriers, and three diameters. Diameters of 16.1mm, 16.6mm and 17.1mm all incorporate a large optic zone, improving limbal clearance, according to AVT. Custom diameters are available, and add powers are available from +1.00D to +3.00D.

AVT says that the new lens is a presbyopic option for all types of patients with normal to highly irregular corneas. Call (888) 393-5374 or visit

GP Multifocal Launches

Unilens Vision Inc. has launched its all new CRay GP Multifocal, which the company says offers high performance multifocal lens technology in exact add powers up to +3.00D in 0.25D steps. The C-Ray GP Multifocal is a center-distance, back-aspheric multifocal lens that offers exceptional comfort, durability, and improvements in visual acuity at all distances, according to the company. Call (800) 446-2020 or visit

Easier Diagnosing of Conjunctivitis

Nicox S.A. recently completed the U.S. launch of AdenoPlus, the first and only FDA-cleared, Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-waived, rapid point-of-care diagnostic test that aids in the differential diagnosis of acute conjunctivitis, according to the company.

Nicox says that its AdenoPlus accurately detects adenovirus and that the test, which has 90 percent sensitivity and 96 percent specificity, is fast and easy-to-use. The simple, four-step process takes less than two minutes to complete and provides a definite result in just 10 minutes, according to the company. Call (855) MY.NICOX (from the United States).

New Indirect Ophthalmoscope Available

Keeler Ophthalmic Instruments’ new Spectra Iris indirect ophthalmoscope has been specifically designed for portability. Compact and lightweight, the LED indirect has an adjustable aperture for all pupil sizes, according to Keeler. The company says that the Spectra Iris’ adjustable aperture slider changes the aperture between 20mm to 60mm to match pupil size and improve examination, with variable PD (pupil distance) settings between 48mm and 76mm.



The indirect system is supplied with Keeler’s lightweight wraparound Sport Frames designed to ensure maximum comfort and balance. It can be worn over glasses, and the entire optical unit and light pod can be flipped up to allow direct eye contact when talking to a patient or when writing up notes. Call (800) 523-5620 or visit