product spectrum

product spectrum

Monthly SiHy Multifocal Launches

Unilens Vision Inc. has launched its new disposable C-Vue Addvantage Multifocal for Presbyopia contact lens in silicone hydrogel (balafilcon A) material for monthly replacement. Unilens says that the product incorporates the company’s multifocal contact lens design technology, which allows for ease of fit by providing a consistent near add power across all power profiles, ultimately resulting in clear vision for presbyopes at all distances. The lens is also thinner and more rounded at the edges to help provide better comfort.


C-Vue Addvantage is available in a High (+1.75D to +2.50D spectacle add) and a Low (up to +1.50D spectacle add) add, sphere powers from +6.00D to –10.00D, 8.6mm base curve, 14.0mm diameter, and 0.07mm center thickness. The lens incorporates an aspheric design with a consistent center add power across all power ranges. C-Vue Addvantage will be sold exclusively to independent eyecare professionals. Unilens says it will provide eyecare professionals with a user-friendly display cabinet and a trial program with a 120-day performance guarantee on the lenses. Call (800) 446-2020 or visit

New Scleral Offers Easy Parameter Adjustment

Alden Optical recently announced the national launch of Zenlens, the company’s new mini-scleral design. Co-designed by Alden Optical and Jason Jedlicka, OD, FAAO, Zenlens is available in 16mm and 17mm diameters, each available in prolate and oblate designs.

Unique to Zenlens is Alden’s proprietary Smart Curve, a design element that compensates for discrete parameter adjustments while preserving the remaining optimized parameter values. Zenlens also features a generous landing zone and refined peripheral curves, leading to exceptional fitting characteristics and patient comfort, according to the company.

Zenlens is diagnostically fit via a 24-lens set. With two diameters and two profiles, the diagnostic set can be considered four mini-sets, according to Alden. Fitters determine appropriate lens diameter from the horizontal visible iris diameter, then design profile (i.e., prolate or oblate) based on the corneal shape. Fitting adjustments are dramatically simplified, as the Smart Curve ensures that only the parameter that needs refinement changes; all others remain constant.

Other standard parameters include a sagittal depth range of 3.500 to 6.700 in 50-micron steps (fully customizable), powers of +30.00D to –30.00D, and edge profiles in steep-3, steep-2, steep-1, standard, flat-1, flat-2, and flat-3. Options include toric peripheral curves, flexure controlling profile, custom center thickness, and front toric prescriptions. The recommended material is Boston XO (Bausch + Lomb); Boston XO2 is available on request.

Alden Optical will be hosting webinars in July to introduce practitioners to Zenlens; practitioners can register at Call (800) 253-3669 or visit

Visual Acuity App Available for Download

Konan Medical has announced that a Flex visual acuity app has been released on Apple iTunes for retina display iPad devices as an add-in to Konan’s Chart2020 Duo app.

Konan says that the Flex visual acuity test allows clinicians to dynamically and instantly adjust visual acuity test parameters to test from 33cm (14 inches) to 6m (20 feet). The test includes industry standard, Sloan specification literate, illiterate, and pediatric optotypes for western and six global languages, according to the company. Konan also says that Flex is gesture-driven to simply and intuitively display acuity lines, single letters, and full charts including smart randomization and reverse contrast. Call (949) 521-7730 or visit

Vision Testing Software System Upgraded

M&S Technologies now offers a 2014 version of the company’s Smart System 20/20 software. New features in this version include ColorCheck Color Test, Dynamic Fixation Disparity, the Harris Contrast Sensitivity and Visual Acuity Test, and the Richer Glare Test.

Customers who have the Smart System Tablet also have four new features for stand-alone near testing as well as the Amsler Grid to test for age-related macular degeneration. Call (877) 225-6101 or visit