product spectrum

product spectrum

New Cylinder for Silicone Hydrogel Toric

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. (JJVCI) has expanded the parameters of its Acuvue Oasys Brand Contact Lenses for Astigmatism to now include a cylinder power of –2.75D. The company says that this is now the first and only silicone hydrogel toric contact lens with –2.75D cylinder that is readily available, with no need to special order. Acuvue Oasys Brand provides coverage for 98% of spherical and astigmatic patients, according to JJVCI.


The full parameter range for Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism now includes 8.6mm base curve, 14.5mm diameter, sphere powers of –6.00D to +6.00D in 0.25D steps and from –6.50D to –9.00D in 0.50D steps, and cylinders of –0.75D, –1.25D, –1.75D, –2.25D, and –2.75D in full-circle axes in 10º steps. Call (800) 843-2020 or visit

Parameter Expansion for Hybrid Multifocal

SynergEyes, Inc. has expanded the parameters for its Duette Progressive lens. Parameters are now available in 0.1mm increments, which will facilitate even more precise alignment fitting, creating optimal centration and clear, stable vision at all distances for even more patients, according to the company.

SynergEyes says that a patient’s initial pair of Duette Progressive lenses can be designed empirically based on a refraction and corneal curvature measurements. Utilizing a near center aspheric add zone in combination with a distance asphere, Duette Progressive provides a seamless progression of powers from distance to near, giving presbyopes GP vision at all distances along with soft lens comfort, according to SynergEyes. The lens also features an 84-Dk silicone hydrogel skirt around the 130-Dk GP center, and the materials are UV-blocking. Call (877) 733-2012 or visit

Anterior Toric Optics for Scleral Lenses

Blanchard Contact Lens, Inc. has a new proprietary anterior toric design, manufactured with Sector Prism Technology (SPT), for MSD Select and Onefit scleral lenses. Blanchard says that this new option will enable practitioners to address the issue of uncorrected residual refractive cylinder for those patients wearing Blanchard scleral lenses.

SPT works by confining prism ballast within an area of lenticulation outside of the optical zone while maintaining a uniform edge thickness for the entire circumference of the lens. According to the company, the absence of prism within the optical zone ensures that there is no visual disturbance, and the uniform edge thickness provides exceptional comfort. Scribe marks at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock aid in evaluating proper axis orientation.

In keeping with the company’s approach to fitting, applying toric optics to MSD and Onefit designs is boiled down to a three-step process: select the appropriate sagittal depth (MSD) or base curve (Onefit); evaluate central and limbal clearance in addition to edge lift as appropriate; and assess lens power.

Fitters then over-refract in 1.00D steps and refine in 0.25D steps. If visual acuity is not acceptable, refine with a sphero-cylindrical over-refraction. Residual cylinder equal to/greater than 0.75D should be incorporated into an anterior toric design. When ordering, fitters provide the over-refraction to the lab. Call (800) 367-4009 or visit

OCT System for Contact Lens Metrology

Bioptigen has announced the availability of a newly developed deep imaging optical coherence tomography (OCT) system for the optical device metrology and pre-clinical ophthalmic research markets.

The Envisu S4410 SDOCT for Contact Lens Metrology allows imaging of a complete contact lens immersed in a hydration bath (saline), automated segmentation of anterior and posterior surfaces, and quantification of curvatures across both surfaces. The system delivers five-micron axial pixel resolution, 11mm scan depth in saline, and a full 20mm lateral field of view, according to the company. Bioptigen says that the device is calibrated to a high degree of precision laterally and axially, and it provides thickness precision to better than one micron and local curvature precision to five microns.

Bioptigen has begun shipping the Envisu S4410 metrology system to major contact lens metrology OEMs. Call (919) 595-5500 or visit