April 2015 Online Photo Diagnosis

April 2015 Online Photo Diagnosis

By Gregory W. DeNaeyer, OD, FAAO

This image shows the left eye of a patient who had previously undergone radial keratotomy (RK) and subsequent lasso procedure. A lasso procedure is a double concentric suture used to correct a hyperopic shift secondary to RK.

A 2007 retrospective consecutive case series by Nose et al demonstrated that corneal sutures could be successfully used to correct RK-induced hyperopia.1 The results for 17 eyes (15 patients) showed a shift from a preoperative mean of +4.38D ± 2.87D to –0.54D ± 2.59D over a mean follow-up period of 20 months.

For many patients, contact lenses offer a better non-surgical option. Scleral lenses provide patients with GP sharpness and vault over the difficult-to-fit oblate corneal surface.


1. Nose W, Endriss D, Forseto AS. Corneal suture for the correction of hyperopia following radial keratotomy. J Refract Surg. 2007 May;23:523-527.