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product spectrum

Multifocal Scleral to Launch

Metro Optics has announced the InSight Scleral, which features multifocal capability. It will be formally introduced and made available in late January at the 2016 Global Specialty Lens Symposium. Drs. Jennifer Harthan and Neil Hodur, professors at Illinois College of Optometry, working in collaboration with the research and development team at Metro Optics, were the driving force behind the creation of the InSight Scleral lens and fitting system. The company says that this design addresses a wide range of patients having normal to highly irregular corneal conditions.

InSight Scleral features a center-distance design with the add power present in the midperipheral portion of the lens. Unlimited base curves and spherical powers are available. Cylindrical powers are available from –0.25D to –8.00D in 0.25D steps. Available axes range from 1˚ to 180˚ in 5˚ steps. Diameters range from 15.2mm to 15.6mm in the standard design and from 13.5mm to 20.0mm in the custom design. One standard, three flat, and three steep peripheral curves are available. Toric peripheral curves are also available. The lenses are offered in Optimum materials from Contamac. Call (800) 223-1858 or visit


Aqueous Gel for Dry Eye Relief

Allergan plc recently announced the launch of the over-the-counter artificial tear Refresh Optive Gel Drops, a new aqueous gel designed for patients who need or desire a more viscous artificial tear option to relieve their dry eye symptoms.

Refresh Optive Gel Drops are formulated with glycerin and a blend of the active ingredient carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), which binds to the eye surface to provide long-lasting relief from dry eye discomfort, according to Allergan.

Allergan says that the Gel Drops formula delivers a shear-thinning effect that spreads quickly and evenly over the eye surface to relieve dry eye symptoms while creating a soothing shield to protect the eye surface from hypertonic stress.

Refresh Optive Gel Drops are a part of Allergan’s charitable program Refresh America, ongoing through July 31, 2016, to supply America’s heroic first responders with free eye drops.

Refresh Optive Gel Drops are available in 10mL multi-dose bottles and can be found nationwide at various retail locations where over-the-counter eye drops are sold. Call (800) 272-5525 or visit

Expansion for GP Multifocal Designs

Art Optical recently added front- and back-toric design capabilities to the Expert Progressive multifocal lens. In addition, by practitioner demand, the company has also included the Optimum (Contamac) family of GP materials as available options for Expert Progressive and BiExpert lens designs. Call (800) 253-9364 or visit

Dry Eye Analysis Report

Exclusively developed for the Oculus Keratograph, Oculus, Inc. says that its Jenvis Dry Eye Report supports optometrists and ophthalmologists in diagnosing dry eye.

A complete Jenvis Dry Eye Report summarizes all of the data from a dry eye questionnaire (Ocular Surface Disease Index or McMonnies), a slit lamp measurement of lid parallel conjunctival folds, and four measurements performed with the Oculus Keratograph 5M. These comprise an analysis of the degree of bulbar redness using R-Scan, measurements of tear meniscus height and tear film breakup time, and a meibography. Other commonly used screening methods, such as eye blink frequency or lipid layer analysis, are also run on the Keratograph 5M and can be included.

Customers can add their company logo to a patient’s printout of the Jenvis Dry Eye Report. In addition to the measurement results, the report contains recommendations specific to each patient as well as an explanation of abbreviations and technical terms. Call (425) 670-9977 or visit