Contact Lens Care & Compliance

Lens Care and Compliance Research from AAO 2014

Contact Lens Care & Compliance

Lens Care and Compliance Research from AAO 2014


The American Academy of Optometry (AAO) Annual Meeting does a terrific job of presenting excellent continuing education and cutting-edge research. The recent meeting in November 2014 in Denver was no exception. At least 16 papers and posters related to contact lens care and compliance were presented. Following is a list of the research involving contact lens care and compliance from the meeting’s Scientific Program. (The studies’ sponsors, if applicable, follow in parentheses.)


Lens care and compliance posters from the meeting included:

1. Imayasu M, Nomachi M, Mori O, Cavanagh H. Efficacy of Progent system against protein deposits and Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilm, isolated from contact-lens users. (Menicon)

2. Dinardo A, Buckingham R, Jones S, McClennan H. Contact lens compliance rates amongst first versus fourth year optometry students.

3. Rah M. Patient satisfaction with a novel peroxide lens care solution. (Bausch + Lomb [B+L])

4. Millard K, Wygladacz K, Hook D. Mechanism of action of a platinum modulating compound in a recently marketed peroxide care system. (B+L)

5. Babaei Omali N, Subbaraman L, Heynen M, Thangavelu M, Dare E, Canavan K, Fadli Z, Jones L. Protein deposition on senofilcon A contact lenses in symptomatic and asymptomatic lens wearers. (Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. [JJVCI])

6. Gabriel M, Bartell J, Walters R, McAnally C, Crary M, Catalone B. Biocidal efficacy of a new hydrogen peroxide. (Alcon)

7. Sulley A, Young G, Hunt C. Factors in the success of new contact lens wearer retention. (JJVCI)

8. Michaud L, Malaison-Tremblay S, Tremblay J. Comparative study of 2 strategies to reduce contact lens-related eye dryness.

9. Ozkan J, Willcox M, Rathi V, Lazon de la Jara P, Holden B. The effect of lens cleaning with a multipurpose solution on hand-to-hand bacterial contamination.

10. Tilia D, Lazon de la Jara P, Naduvilath T, Holden B. Is contact lens comfort influenced by case contamination?

11. Kitamata-Wong B, Yuen T, Zhou Y, Li W, Lin M. Effects of lens care solutions on corneal epithelial integrity.

12. Lantz J, Perrigin J. Influence of lens case design on Serratia marcescens biofilm removal for 3 silicone hydrogel disinfecting solutions.


Lens care and compliance papers from the meeting included:

1. Sorbara L, Chalmers R, Wagner H, Lam D, Kinoshita B, Mitchell G, Zimmerman A, Richdale K. Contact lens assessment in youth: multi-center testing of a risk assessment survey for soft contact lens wearers with adverse events.

2. Subbaraman L, Babaei Omali N, Heynen M, Lakkis C, Maldonado-Codina C, Morgan P, Berntsen D, Nichols J, Jones L. Impact of different lens care solutions on protein deposition on various soft contact lenses: A multicenter study. (JJVCI)

3. Berntsen D, Mathew J, Hickson-Curran S, Toubouti Y, Varikooty J, Smith S, Jones L, Morgan P, Nichols J. Soft contact lens wear time and subjective dryness using different contact lens materials and solutions. (JJVCI)

4. Yuen T, Kitamata-Wong B, Zhou Y, Li W, Lin M. Effects of lens care solutions on comfort and tear film stability.

For More Information

For complete abstracts of these posters and papers, you can search the Knowledge Base archive on the AAO’s website at CLS

Dr. Gromacki is a diplomate in the American Academy of Optometry’s Section on Cornea, Contact Lenses and Refractive Technologies. She practices in Chevy Chase, Md.