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product spectrum

New Monthly SiHy Lens for Presbyopia

Bausch + Lomb (B+L) has announced Bausch + Lomb Ultra for Presbyopia contact lenses, a monthly replacement silicone hydrogel lens that combines the company’s MoistureSeal technology with the 3-Zone Progressive design (center-near aspheric optics) found in B+L’s Biotrue Oneday for Presbyopia daily disposable contact lenses.

B+L says that the combination of these technologies provides exceptional comfort and vision at all distances. In addition, using the Bausch + Lomb Ultra for Presbyopia simplified fitting guide enables ECPs to streamline the multifocal fitting process, according to B+L.

Bausch + Lomb Ultra for Presbyopia contact lenses are manufactured in samfilcon A (46% water), with a reported Dk/t of 163 at the center of a –3.00D lens. Parameters include 8.5mm base curve, 14.2mm diameter, center thickness of 0.07mm for –3.00D, spherical powers of +2.00D to –7.00D in 0.25D steps (including plano, coming soon: +6.00D to –10.00D in 0.25D steps), and add powers of Low (+0.75D to +1.50D spectacle add) and High (+1.75D to +2.50D spectacle add).


The lenses also feature UVA/UVB protection, and they can be worn for daily wear or up to 30 days continuous wear. Call (800) 828-9030 or visit

Daily Disposables in Three Diameters

X-Cel Specialty Contacts now offers Extreme H2O Daily, a one-day disposable contact lens available in three diameter options (13.6mm, 14.2mm, and 14.8mm). According to X-Cel, the 13.6mm lens is a solution for patients who have smaller corneas or lid apertures, and the 14.8mm diameter should be a go-to lens for patients who have active lifestyles.

Extreme H2O Daily is made with hioxifilcon A, a non-ionic, ultra-hydrating material that retains 99% of its water content throughout the wearing time. The 13.6mm diameter has an 8.2mm base curve (BC), 14.2mm diameter has an 8.5mm BC, and 14.8mm diameter has an 8.7mm BC. Sphere powers for all diameters are +0.50D to +6.00D and –0.50D to –10.00D (0.50D steps after –6.00D). Call (800) 241-9312 or visit


Extended Range SiHy Toric Rolling Out

As we reported in the February News Spectrum, CooperVision, Inc. is scheduled to have a broader rollout of its new Biofinity XR Toric this month following a limited rollout period. According to the company, Biofinity XR toric incorporates a uniform horizontal ISO thickness and optimized ballast band, and the lens’ optimized, continuous surface ensures that the eyelid interacts with a smooth lens surface on every blink, resulting in a more comfortable wearing experience. In addition, Biofinity XR Toric features Aquaform Technology.

Biofinity XR Toric lenses will be available in sphere powers from +10.00D to –10.00D (0.50D steps after ±6.00D), with cylinder powers from –2.75D to –5.75D (0.50D steps) in axes of 5º to 180º in 5º steps; and from +8.50D to +10.00D with cylinder powers from –0.75D to –2.25D (0.50D steps) in axes of 5º to 180º in 5º steps. Call (800) 341-2020 or visit

New Wearer Kits for Daily Disposable Lens

Alcon has announced a limited supply of kits for new wearers of Dailies AquaComfort Plus contact lenses. Created to help transition new wearers into contact lenses, the kits include contact lens application and removal instructions; Annual Supply Value Pack includes a high-value rebate and coupons for Alcon over-the-counter products; Dailies family consumer brochure; carrying case for lenses, with a mirror to help with application; Dailies AquaComfort Plus trial contact lenses (eyecare practitioner [ECP] office inserts).

A limited number of kits are available from Alcon sales representatives in the United States. ECPs can ask Alcon Vision Care sales representatives for more information.