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Daily Disposable Options Continue Increasing

CL Design & Materials

Daily Disposable Options Continue Increasing


There is generally good appreciation for the comfort and convenience of daily disposable lenses. Eliminating care solution use, cleaning requirements, and storage cases also is beneficial in terms of less infection or eye irritation. Add the availability of daily disposable lenses in relatively high-oxygen-transmitting silicone hydrogel materials, and it is easy to conclude that this modality is the healthiest, safest way to wear soft contact lenses.

Some patients who could benefit from daily disposable lenses were initially excluded by the relatively few lens types and limited parameter availability. Today, that is not the case. A wide range of options is available for the vast majority of contact lens candidates, and it is continually growing. This month, we review recent developments in daily disposable contact lens choices and parameters.

Recent Updates

X-Cel Specialty Contacts now offers Extreme H2O Daily soft contact lenses, which are especially significant because they are available in three diameters: 13.6mm, 14.2mm, or 14.8mm. This allows matching a more appropriately sized lens to exceptionally large or small corneas. It may also help with situations in which a conjunctival irregularity prevents the contact lens edge from aligning or fitting optimally (a different diameter might correct this). Further, the small diameter may benefit young patients who have small fissures, possibly making application easier. Sphere powers range from –10.00D to +6.00D in all three diameters. The lens is manufactured in hioxifilcon A (59% water content) material, which the company says is known for its moisture retention.

Several Alcon daily disposable lenses recently received power expansions. Dailies Total1 silicone hydrogel daily disposables now are available from –12.00D to +6.00D. Their higher oxygen transmission is a welcome addition for plus lens corrections. Dailies AquaComfort Plus sphere lenses also now have extended power availability, ranging from –15.00D to +8.00D. This is significant for those patients who have sphere powers of –12.00D to –15.00D who previously were excluded from daily disposable lens options. Finally, the Dailies Total1 Multifocal will be a new entry into the daily disposable market that is expected from Alcon later this year. When released, it will join an increasing list of multifocal daily disposable contact lens options.

Biotrue Oneday for Presbyopia (Bausch + Lomb) was initially available only in a low add power, but recently expanded to include a high add. Both are available in powers of –9.00D to +6.00D. It has a center-near configuration with a 3-zone progressive design.

Coopervision’s Clariti 1 Day silicone hydrogel sphere lens recently underwent an edge redesign, which has improved comfort for many patients. Practitioners who may have used used the earlier version of the lens should note this development.

So Many New Options to Fit

As you can see, new introductions and parameter expansions in daily disposable contact lenses continue at a rapid rate. More lens diameter options, expansions in refractive power ranges, and increasing multifocal choices join the many spherical, toric, and cosmetic options available in daily disposables. The result is that more people than ever can benefit from this modality, which is good for patients and practices alike. CLS

Dr. Pence serves as associate dean, Clinical and Patient Services, Indiana University School of Optometry in Bloomington, Ind. He is a consultant or advisor to Alcon, has received educational funding from Alcon, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, and B+L, and has received travel funding from CooperVision. You can reach him at Dr. Lord is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry and was the 2015-2016 cornea & contact lens resident at Indiana University.