product spectrum

product spectrum

New Scleral Lens with Toric Haptic

Art Optical recently launched Ampleye, a 16.5mm scleral lens. With a goal of incorporating the latest understanding on scleral shape into the lens, Ampleye designers have included 150 microns of scleral toricity in both diagnostic and Rx lenses.

In addition to the toric haptic, other Ampleye design features include four-zone construction with Spline Science Technology, providing independent zone adjustments for finite control of the lens fit, and an optimally engineered landing zone for wide and even distribution of pressure, minimizing blanching potential and edge modification requirements, according to the company.

Art Optical says that Ampleye is an excellent option for patients who have irregular corneas, lens stability issues, and corneal GP intolerance. The nine-lens Ampleye diagnostic set is efficient, affordable, and designed to fit a wide range of eyes, from a highly prolate bulging graft to a low-sag oblate cornea, with very few trials, according to the company. The diagnostic selection process involves fitting by patient condition, not K readings, with the depth of the eye determining the initial depth of the trial lens. Ampleye diagnostic lenses are laser-marked with sag values and axis rotation indicators. Art Optical will feature Ampleye lenses in Optimum Extra material by Contamac.

Parameters include diameters of 16.0mm, 16.5mm (standard), and 17.0mm; central vault zone sagittal depths of 3,800 to 5,600 microns with base curves of 8.44mm to 6.04mm; adjustable peripheral cornea zone, limbal lift zone, and scleral landing zone; sphere powers of ±20.00D in 0.25D steps (can be expanded on practitioner order); cylinder powers of up to –5.00D in axes of 1º to 180º in 1º steps; and standard thickness of 0.30mm, adjustable in 0.01mm steps to 0.50mm.

Ampleye lenses are backed by Art Optical’s comprehensive protection programs and are manufactured and shipped within 24 hours of order. Call (800) 253-9364 or visit

High-Definition Optics in a Scleral Lens

AccuLens now offers high definition (HD) optics in the EasyFit Scleral Lens for healthy eyes. AccuLens says that its new proprietary HD algorithm on the front surface of the lens offers truer, more accurate vision versus conventional lenses. It also boosts visual clarity in all visual conditions including low-light situations, according to the company. Objects will be sharper and more defined, allowing patients better focus in all tasks, and the introduction into HD optics reduces the common issue of spherical aberrations, according to AccuLens. Call (800) 525-2470 or visit


Saline for Rinsing and Temporary Storage

Alcon, a division of Novartis, recently launched Clear Care Rinse & Go, which the company says is a gentle saline solution for rinsing and temporary storage of contact lenses after cleaning and disinfection with Clear Care, Clear Care Plus, or any other hydrogen peroxide solution. The company states that following cleaning and disinfection, the rinse removes any loosened debris and trace amounts of cleaning and disinfection solution. Clear Care Rinse & Go Solution is a sterile, buffered, isotonic, aqueous saline solution containing Polyquad (polyquaternium-1) 0.001% preservative, citrate, and edetate disodium (EDTA) 0.05%.

Clear Care Rinse & Go does not replace daily cleaning and disinfection of contact lenses, but is intended as a companion product to allow for rinsing of contact lenses, as needed, and for temporary storage of contact lenses, up to 30 days, according to the company. The product is available in two sizes—4 fluid ounces and 12 fluid ounces—in most major mass drug and grocery retailers in the United States. Call (800) 241-5999 or visit

New Multi-Dose, Preservative-Free Drop

Clear Eyes, a brand of Prestige Brands Holdings, recently launched Clear Eyes Pure Relief, a premium sub-range of preservative-free eye drops in a multi-dose bottle. The bottle leverages proprietary technology with a built-in purifying filter that keeps bacteria out so there is no need for preservatives. The filter is gas-permeable just to allow air into the bottle for dispensing purposes and ensure one-way fluid flow. The technology is proven and has been fully microbiologically tested so there is no compromise in stability, according to the manufacturer. Each bottle has a two-year expiration.

Clear Eyes Pure Relief for Dry Eyes is an artificial tear or lubricant drop that contains glycerin as the active ingredient to lubricate dry eyes. It also contains hyaluronic acid, in the form of sodium hyaluronate, for advanced comfort. As with any artificial tears or lubricant drops, Clear Eyes Pure Relief for Dry Eyes can be used as often as needed.

Clear Eyes Pure Relief Multi-Symptom delivers seven-symptom relief: for burning, itchy, dry, irritated, gritty, and watery eyes as well as for redness. Because the product has an active redness reliever ingredient, it is directed to be used only up to four times daily.


As with all other existing Clear Eyes products, the company says Clear Eyes Pure Relief delivers up to 12 hours of soothing comfort. Clear Eyes Pure Relief is available over the counter at drug, grocery, mass, and retail stores nationwide beginning April 2016. Call (877) 274-1787 or visit