Hello April! By the time you read this editorial, spring will officially have come—and hey, you made it! I am sure many of you in the Northern Hemisphere are eagerly awaiting the change of season as we emerge from the cold, wintry months. In fact, comedian Robin Williams was quoted as saying “Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party.’” It is also a season associated with “spring cleaning,” which we can apply to many aspects of our personal and professional lives. Spring is definitely a time to move your clocks ahead, clean out your wardrobes, check your smoke detectors, and start planting your gardens.

So, how does spring cleaning apply to contact lenses and your practice? Maybe some parts of your office have become more like an obstacle course than a clinical setting. Perhaps it is time to clean out your diagnostic lens inventory or consider fitting new contact lens designs, materials, or modalities. How about using more specialty lenses or implementing a new procedure such as myopia control? Or, should you dust off your fitting fees and consider a different approach?

Whatever you do, I always encourage colleagues to do so each spring with intent. I am certain that the effort will not only benefit your practices, but ultimately your ability to deliver the best possible eye and contact lens care to your patients.

We can also do some “spring cleaning” when it comes to issues that come up in practice. What is your protocol when a patient says “I tried everything and nothing works”? Or, when you are unsure how to treat a complicated contact lens fit? Or, you see a rare disease that you have not seen prior? Ever have one of those nagging questions that you can’t seem to figure out? Yup, me too. We ponder them for a few minutes and, more often than not, give up without finding an answer. Now, Contact Lenses Today and Contact Lens Spectrum can help. In the oh-so-wise words of Dr. Seuss, “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” So, simply send your questions to, and we’ll put our expert columnists on the trail toward the explanation. You’ll find the answers in a column titled “You Asked for It,” which will appear periodically to help resolve these challenging scenarios.

Please also check out our monthly reader poll on the CLS homepage at and in Contact Lenses Today. Our April poll is about discomfort and contact lens dropouts—be sure to vote!