Eyecheck LLC, an ocular supplement and technology startup, announced its line of natural, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO ocular health supplements. Two of these supplements are available now, and additional formulations will become available in the upcoming months. The premium supplements are offered primarily through eyecare professionals.

All products within the Eyecheck line are formulated by leading eyecare professionals utilizing natural, premium ingredients, according to the company. Macutene Protect is available for optimal macular health based on the Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2 (AREDS2), a study designed to test supplements for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Pristene is formulated to support healthy tear production based on several clinical studies.

Looking forward, Eyecheck plans to release several more products: a general eye health supplement, a pediatric supplement, an optic nerve and blood sugar support supplement, and Macutene Boost for patients who have one eye that has converted to wet AMD.

The company’s tech platform, , offers online product ordering, find-a-doctor functionality, and a comprehensive patient education forum.

Eyecare providers can utilize the practitioner website at , which offers a place to review their patients who are currently taking Eyecheck supplements, patient compliance, and their practice growth via Eyecheck’s discretionary physician revenue model and digital dashboard. Call (855) 622-8836. ■


Bausch + Lomb has expanded the parameters of its Bausch + Lomb Ultra for Astigmatism contact lenses. This expansion will extend the lens parameter offering to +6.00D to –9.00D in 0.25D steps (in 0.50D steps above –6.00D) in cylinder powers of –0.75D, –1.25D, –1.75D, and –2.25D in axes of 10º to 180º (in 10º steps). The company says that this provides eyecare professionals the opportunity to offer more of their astigmatic patients an exceptional toric lens that features all-day comfort, stability, and consistently clear vision. Call (800) 828-9030 or visit . ■

Bausch + Lomb now offers an expanded range of spherical and toric powers for its Bausch + Lomb Ultra for Astigmatism contact lens design.


Vivid Vision has released Vivid Vision Home, allowing eyecare practitioners in the United States and Canada to prescribe home use of the company’s virtual reality treatment for amblyopia, strabismus, and convergence insufficiency. Vivid Vision Home is designed for less complex cases, for patients who can’t make it into the clinic as often as they should, and for use as an adjunct or follow-up treatment.

Vivid Vision uses virtual reality technology that, over time, is designed to teach the eyes how to work together. It is designed for use by both children and adults. Vivid Vision Home works with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Samsung GearVR; it will soon be available for use with Google DayDream. Once patients are prescribed and set up with their system, practitioners can track their patients’ treatment and response remotely. Call (877) 877-0310 or visit . ■

Vivid Vision now offers a version of its virtual reality technology that can be prescribed by eyecare practitioners for at-home treatment of binocular vision disorders.