Happy New Year! In this issue of Contact Lens Spectrum, we recognize and celebrate an “Event of the Year,” as we have for more than 25 years. Our Event of the Year is one that we acknowledge as being the most significant in the field from the year just past—one that is not only far reaching, but also impactful to the field of contact lenses both presently and potentially in the years to come. Oftentimes, our event is really more than “a single thing that happens”; it can often take shape as a change in the field or movement toward (or away from) something.

As you can imagine, it is often a difficult task to choose just one, as there are often many events that deserve recognition. To that end, 2016 was indeed filled with a lot of important activities in the field of contact lenses. It was also a special year for Contact Lens Spectrum, as you helped us happily celebrate our 30th anniversary!

This past year was filled with many new and exciting technologies that further fill the gaps in our ability to manage and treat our patients. New contact lenses with advanced materials were launched. Current contact lenses were expanded in terms of both designs and power ranges. Once again, we saw large gains in the daily disposable category. And, there was also much activity in scleral and other specialty lenses. All of this activity allows us to continue to expand our use of contact lenses in our patient populations.

However, this year, one thing stood out to us that deserves recognition. With all of the successes noted throughout the year, we think it is important to recognize 2016 as the year of the custom lens manufacturers. Although faced with adversity at times, the custom lens manufacturers have continued to provide us and our patients with the highest-quality specialty contact lenses available. These labs provide education, sponsor research, and generally promote the contact lens industry. Additionally, in 2016, they did so in a remarkable way, and we wish to celebrate them in their continued successes.

The editorial staff at Contact Lens Spectrum wishes you a fruitful and prosperous year ahead in 2017!