Bausch + Lomb has launched Renu Advanced Formula multipurpose solution for soft and silicone hydrogel contact lenses. This formula combines three disinfectants and two surfactants to provide excellent lens cleaning and disinfection in addition to all-day comfort, according to the company.

Renu Advanced Formula is a sterile, isotonic solution that contains poloxamine, poloxamer 181, diglycine, sodium citrate, boric acid, sodium borate, edetate disodium, and sodium chloride and preserved with a triple disinfectant system (polyaminopropyl biguanide 0.00005%, polyquaternium 0.00015%, and alexidine 0.0002%). B+L says that it kills 99.9% of germs, helps prevent the formation of deposits on lenses when used daily, and delivers up to 20 hours of moisture to provide all-day comfort.

The new Renu Advanced Formula multipurpose solution will be the only Renu solution on the market; it replaced both Renu Sensitive and Renu Fresh beginning in June 2017 in major retailers. Call (800) 828-9030 or visit . ■

Bausch + Lomb’s Renu Advanced Formula has a triple disinfectant system and two surfactants, which the company says helps to provide excellent lens cleaning and all-day comfort. The new formula has replaced the previous solutions in the Renu line — Renu Sensitive and Renu Fresh — and is now the only Renu solution on the market.


The Mentholatum Company, a global health and wellness company, has launched Rohto Dry-Aid, a new over-the-counter (OTC) lubricant eye drop designed for patients who need an advanced artificial tear option to help relieve their dry eye symptoms.

Rohto Dry-Aid with Liquidshield technology is formulated to help restore moisture to the tear film by working on all three layers to mimic a natural, healthy tear, according to the company. The Mentholatum Company says that Rohto Dry-Aid provides soothing comfort that lasts up to 12 hours and that it is clinically shown to improve all key symptoms of dry eye including dryness, irritation, grittiness, burning, and stinging. The formula contains povidone and propylene glycol as lubricants and is delivered as a micro-emulsion that keeps the product clear and ensures that it does not blur when applied, according to the company.

Rohto Dry-Aid Lubricant Eye Drops are available in a single 10mL multidose bottle and can be found at various retail locations where over-the-counter eye drops are sold, with nationwide distribution in July. Patients can download discount coupons at . Call (716) 677-2500 or visit . ■

Rohto Dry-Aid helps restore moisture to the tear film by working on all three layers.


Beaver-Visitec International (BVI) announced the U.S. launch of Extend 180 Absorbable Synthetic Implants, a new long-term punctal implant for patients experiencing dry eye symptoms.

Extend 180 is designed to provide six months of effective dry eye relief, according to BVI. These long-term dissolvable implants are indicated for post-ocular surgery, seasonal dry eye, contact lens intolerance, and/or dry eye associated with digital eye strain.

Extend 180 implants are made of dissolvable polydioxanone material and are available in 0.3mm, 0.4mm, and 0.5mm sizes, packaged in a single pair or 10-pair box. Call (866) 906-8080 or visit . ■