As is obvious to those in the business of conducting eye care, various “products” are used and prescribed to patients. Although we all fall into the habit of using the term “products,” this is probably not the most appropriate or formal means of recognizing medical devices or therapeutics as we dialogue with our patients. It can be very important to choose our words very carefully at times.

When I became the editor of Contact Lens Spectrum 10 years ago, the industry was going through a period of heightened scrutiny that ultimately led to regular public reporting of conflicts of interest. Early on, I aimed to bring the journal into alignment with those standards and expectations. With any content, we always report on the authors’ potential conflicts of interest so that our readership can ultimately determine the credibility of the authors and their work.

When it comes to discussing branded products within the editorial pages of Contact Lens Spectrum, we are very attentive to choosing our words carefully. We print product brand names under only a few special circumstances. Although challenging at times, we have applied this special set of optics with regard to discussing branded products to ensure—as best as we can—that we are not printing biased content and that we are being fair and transparent to all in this competitive landscape. While this can present challenges at times for many reasons, we continue to believe that this high standard is one that should be upheld. One of William Shakespeare’s best-known lines from Romeo and Juliet is: “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Many take this to mean that what matters most is what something is—not what it is called.

As 2018 comes to a close, we at Contact Lens Spectrum wish you all the best during the Holiday Season!