It’s October, and you know what that means—it is our Annual GP Issue, which is one of my favorites of the year. In this issue, we celebrate the many successes of GP and other types of specialty contact lenses of all shapes and sizes. Although it was once predicted that GP lenses would die, they remain strong 20 years later and even show some signs of growth. Without a doubt, GP and specialty lenses are a critical reminder that contact lenses require active fitting by a professional, and specialty lenses add the benefit of being unlikely to be dispensed through alternative channels.

Contact Lens Spectrum Clinical Features Editor Dr. Ed Bennett has been a contributor to our GP Insights column for 25 years. He has promoted, educated, and celebrated GP lenses throughout his entire career. With this issue, Ed has decided to retire from writing this column and to pass the torch to Dr. Karen DeLoss going forward (although Ed will continue as the clinical features editor—he can’t get rid of us that easily!). We want to thank Ed for his continuous years of penning this column—having written close to 150—and for his tremendous and ongoing impact on this field.