Zeiss Medical Technology Segment recently launched the Plex Elite 2.0, the first dual-speed swept-source OCT/OCTA that will now scan at 200kHz, in addition to 100kHz, providing practitioners with a deeper and more detailed view into the retina enabling visualization options for various diseases, according to the company. Zeiss says that varying speeds can be applied to different disease states in the eye and can expand possibilities of research.

With the Plex Elite 2.0’s deeper and more detailed view into the retina, Zeiss says that practitioners can fully image conditions such as posterior staphylomas, retinal detachments, high myopia, and choroidal tumors. This evolution provides faster scans to visualize from the retinal vitreous interface all the way down to the choroid to assess highly curved myopic eyes in an unprecedented way, according to the company. Visit . ■


Sight Sciences recently announced the official commercial launch of TearCare, a wearable device designed to help manage evaporative dry eye. TearCare is a software-controlled, wearable eyelid technology that provides targeted and adjustable thermal energy to the meibomian glands, according to the company. Sight Sciences says that the TearCare device allows patients’ eyes to remain open and blinking during the procedure in which soft, flexible thermal devices conform to the eyelids to deliver a therapeutic level of heat for a specific period of time to soften and liquefy meibum. Leveraging the full functionality of the blinking eye, TearCare’s proprietary SmartLid technology facilitates natural meibum expression when meibum is in its melted phase, according to the company. Sight Sciences says that TearCare’s “equipment-light” product design and the intuitive procedure that it facilitates create an attractive clinical and economic model for eyecare providers.

The TearCare System is indicated for the application of localized heat in conditions in which the current medical community recommends the application of a warm compress to the eyelids, such as meibomian gland dysfunction, dry eye, or blepharitis. Call (877) 266-1144 or visit .


ImprimisRx, a pharmaceutical compounding subsidiary of Harrow Health, Inc., has launched the following proprietary formulations:

  • Klarity-A (preservative-free ophthalmic solution + azithromycin 1%),
  • Klarity-B (preservative-free ophthalmic solution + betamethasone 0.1%)
  • Klarity-L (preservative-free ophthalmic solution + loteprednol 0.5%)
  • LessDrops formulations with moxifloxacin
  • Povidone Iodine 5%

ImprimisRx says that its 503A PCAB-accredited pharmacies produce patient-specific formulations pursuant to a physician prescription. Call (844) 446-6979 or visit .