This month, our focus in Contact Lens Spectrum is on myopia management—and it could not be better timed, because there is so much growth potential and activity in our community as it relates to this topic. Most academic institutions now house myopia control clinics of some sort, and the topic is certainly becoming a part of most, if not all, academic training programs. And, we now have one U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved contact lens that is indicated to slow the progression of myopia, which has opened the door for many others that will likely follow in these initial steps.

With all of this excitement, it is important to not forget that there are still many questions in the field about the topic. When should treatment start? When should it end? How often do we monitor these patients? How do practitioners implement myopia management in their practice as it relates to the business? Of the treatments being used, which is the most efficacious? And, what criteria do we use to make clinical decisions about individual treatment options for our patients?

Even though there are many questions in the field, one thing that seems certain is that actively managing myopia in children is becoming a standard of care. Whatever you do, we hope that you engage your patients and their parents in this important dialogue to help make the best treatments available. We hope that this issue helps you along your myopia journey!


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