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Specialty Lenses Unplugged

Hosted by Craig Norman

Welcome to Specialty Lenses Unplugged! Hosted by industry veteran Craig Norman, each episode features a lively discussion on the key contact lens topics of today. Contact lens dropout rates are high, by some estimates 15-20% per year. While the reasons for this are multi-faceted, in many cases this can be averted simply by choosing the right type of lens for the right patient at the right time. And as advancing technology continues to change the practice landscape—from new materials to lens designs to the tools we use to aid and improve the fitting process—new thoughts, ideas, and conversations continue to emerge as we work to find the new standards of care. Welcome to the podcast that will enlighten you on how to improve success in this area in your practice.

In this episode, Craig discusses the steps necessary to gear up your practice as a specialty lens "center of excellence". Listen in as he describes how to devise a path to become a contact lens specialist, beginning with what instrumentation is critical for acquisition of pertinent ocular data. He also provides suggestions on where to gain knowledge in specialty areas such as scleral lenses, custom soft lens design, presbyopia and orthokeratology. Plus, additional tips and opinions will be provided from industry experts.

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Contamac is the world’s largest manufacturer of contact and intraocular lens materials, and the leading innovator of specialist polymers and biocompatible materials for medical applications. We are proud to have spent over 30 years working with lens manufacturers and eye care practitioners to truly make a difference to people’s lives.