Dear colleague

Dear colleague,

One of my great mentors Neal J. Bailey, OD, PhD, told me that contact lens solutions would never change the course of the contact lens market. He said the lenses were all that mattered: Lens care practitioners couldn't profit from contact lens solutions, which limited these products' impact on the contact lens market. But an individual's success with contact lens wear can depend greatly on the lens care solution he uses. We must consider the cleaning he does or doesn't do, the soaking or multipurpose solution he uses, the cleanliness of his case and the lens lubricant drops he uses. All these factors can make the difference between wearing success or failure. You can help by strongly recommending or prescribing particular lens care solutions to your patients.

Each of today's leading lens care solutions contain very different ingredients. In addition, lens material chemistry is more diverse than ever,
increasing the potential for unfavorable interactions between lenses and solutions. More than ever, eyecare practitioners need to stay up to date by reading all they can about lens care solutions and deciding what clinical observations are meaningful. Ongoing research is helping us understand the role of contact lenses and lens care solutions and to reach our goal of optimal biocompatibility and maximum comfort. I recommend you read everything you can about lens care to maximize your patients' success and to ensure they can wear their contact lenses comfortably for many years to come.


Joseph T. Barr, OD, MS, FAAO
Editor, Contact Lens Spectrum