The Case of the Disappearing Patients

  • Dropout Drops Back In to Stay

    This patient gave contact lenses another try — and is glad she did — thanks to her eyecare practitioner's commitment and realistic expectations.

  • Fresh Eyes on an Old Problem

    A childhood injury and a dire prediction convinced this patient to accept poor vision. But his eyecare practitioner was not satisfied with the status quo.

  • History Lesson: OD Passes the Test

    The patient questionnaire gave her eyecare practitioner important clues to this librarian's contact lens intolerance.

  • Leaving the Red-eye Roller Coaster

    Already sold on contact lenses, this patient was plagued with chronic red eye until his eyecare practitioner uncovered an undiagnosed problem.

  • One Patient + No Contacts = Six Patients Gone

    Sometimes a "rule of thumb" needs to be bent. In this case, inflexibility in one practice sent a whole family elsewhere.

  • Patience, Persistence And a Full Toolbox

    Confused by her symptoms, this patient finally found an eyecare practitioner who sorted them out and worked with her to find the best contact lenses.

  • Rescuing the Rescuer

    When it came to reading the Snellen chart, this patient had no problems with spectacles. But his life outside the eyecare practitioner's office demanded a new approach.