Gas Permeable Lenses

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Gas Permeable Lenses

GP General Discussion

In the United States, after receiving their FDA Pre-Market Approval (PMA), almost all companies that are PMA holders chose to produce their material in semi-finished buttons which they supply to independent laboratories for custom manufacture and distribution. Because there are over 300 such laboratories who often affix their own trade name to these lenses, it is neither practical nor useful to list them all. Therefore, we have chosen to provide the basic characteristics of the custom design materials. For specific information on custom-designed lenses, contact your independent laboratory. In this context, custom-designed refers not only to spherical lenses, but also to toric and multifocal lenses. Many independent laboratories are members of the Contact Lens Manufacturers Association. To access addresses, phone number, etc., visit the Gas Permeable Lens Institute�s searchable online database:

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