To the Contact Lens Practitioner

Contact Lenses & Solutions Summary’s goal is to provide you with a concise, easy-to-use, chairside informational source to aid in patient care decision-making. It follows the K.I.S.S. philosophy - keep it simple and streamlined. We have incorporated list prices for soft contact lenses, however these prices are approximate, and are provided as a guideline. For exact pricing, costs for atypical powers or other parameters, warranty or exchange policies, or for more information about products, contact the manufacturers and distributors listed on Page 35.

To provide you with a method to compare lens designs, we’ve taken the liberty of standardizing manufacturers’ descriptions of their lens parameters. Unless otherwise indicated, center thickness specified is for average minus power. We’ve arranged lenses by brand name rather than by company because that’s how we refer to them in practice. In addition, ongoing corporate acquisitions make brand identification a more consistent system as all names are registered or trademarked.

In addition to registered or trademarked names, each material has a generic name. Because an understanding of generic hydrogel materials is important as it relates to disinfection systems and Dk values, please take a moment to read the information under Hydrogel and Silicone Hydrogel Lens General Considerations on Page 7.

Due to the growing popularity of silicone hydrogel contact lens prescribing and in response to reader requests, we have made the words Silicone hydrogel bold in all silicone hydrogel lens listings to make those listings easier to locate.

We trust the Contact Lenses & Solutions Summary continues to fulfill your needs. It is made possible through an educational grant from Johnson & Johnson Vision.

Paul White, OD

P.S. A PDF of Contact Lenses & Solutions Summary is available for download at .