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  • Ready to grow your practice?

    Ready to grow your practice?

    Approximately 25% of the general population wears contact lenses, a number that has remained stable for years. Each year the number of new wearers is about the same as the number of drop outs. Only about 8% of the 100 million plus presbyopes wear contact lenses. Below age 40, comfort is the main issue for drop outs. Over 40, vision and comfort are nearly equally cited.

    NaturalVue Multifocal can give patients the vision and comfort they crave. These patients are already in your practice. Give them what they want and watch your practice grow.

  • 3 Ways to Identify a Multifocal Misalignment

    3 Ways to Identify a Multifocal Misalignment

    SpecialEyes, LLC has pioneered a new advancement in custom soft multifocal contact lenses with the introduction of OptiSync™ Technology. This customization feature makes it possible to correct a misalignment between the multifocal optics and the patient’s visual axis. When these are not properly aligned, it can cause poor visual acuity, induced aberrations, and subjective complaints of glare, shadows, 3-D effects, and halos. But how do you know if your patient’s multifocal optics are misaligned? This guide covers techniques for predicting/identifying a potential misalignment issue so you’ll know when to utilize this new technology.